Video marketing is unquestionably the fastest way to take a cold lead to a sale. If you have not witnessed just how effective it can be, it is truly staggering to watch the launch of great video marketing funnel. That being great campaigns require the integration of many facets and moving parts to come together in a unified message. Nothing is ever easy but you have to take the leap of faith and go all to do this the right way. Without taking highly calculated risks there simply can be no rewards.


Viral video marketing has become what commercial marketing used to be. People seldom engage with dry corporate commercials. Why? Because they simply don't have to. Oldschool commercial marketing was driven to a captive audience and fired out like a shotgun blast in the dark. "Keep shooting and you will eventually hit something." Radio and television for the most part used to be the only form of entertainment.


Now the internet has become a playground for digital content of all kinds and the advertising has had to adapt dramatically. People simply won't be held captive through commercials. Successful video marketing targets specific audiences with pinpoint accuracy and with content that is raw and authentic.


Viral video content is the playground for disruptive marketing.  We have only just begun to test the boundaries of video marketing on the internet. Disruptive content should be at the top of the list for marketing small business and massive corporations alike. We can sell our brands and stories unhindered by the limitations and boundaries of traditional corporate marketing. The more sincere, cutting edge and raw the content the better. This is not to say that you should compromise on production quality at all. You should never compromise the integrity and quality of visual works but a 100k commercial isn't necessary to make a viral video. Creativity and content overshadows everything else. A great idea is worth it's weight in gold.  


Video marketing is a sellers paradise, but sadly most people completely miss the mark. Why? Because they don't know how to tell an engaging story without making a dry commercial or they are afraid to do something out of the norm and out of the box. With video marketing I have found that the less you talk about selling your product, the more your product sells. The less you seem to care if they buy or not the better. With video marketing taking big risks is far less risky than dry commercial content. The rewards for the risk takers can be boundless. 


The following case study was taken from the motion picture Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy. The case study was derived from the first 11 months of direct digital sales. Direct sales were made via a funnel page and the order was delivered through a custom membership platform, where the content was to remain available for playback indefinitely. The product was marketed directly through facebook and instagram paid ads and reached over 9 million people.


The video ads were viewed over 1.9 million times and generated sales of over 60,000 units with an average pricepoint of $47. Additionally, this funnel helped us to land multiple international distribution deals that equating to a gross total of over 3 million dollars in revenue. Below you will see a screenshot of the facebook data, verifying the results of our video marketing campaigns. The total budget in ad spend was $235 k over 11 months. From the beginning of the ad run, this product paid for the ongoing ad spend. 


























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