What is a full circle digital marketing? It is an all encompassing method for creating a true ROI based marketing solution.


Why is it important? It is mission critical to evaluate all facets of your business before beginning any marketing and advertising campaign. Marketing can not fix business model flaws that may be preventing your business from being profitable. Full circle digital marketing means taking everything about your business into consideration before driving more people to that business. It is a process that helps to prepare your business for scaleable growth and profitability.

  • Audit all facets of your current business model including your product or service offering and unique value proposition. 

  • Identify current business models strengths and weaknesses. Brainstorm potential ideas for improvement and find solutions to existing problems. 

  • Create or revise your companies mantra or mission statement. 

  • Re-imagine your product or services unique value proposition to align with your companies mantra or mission statement.

  • Evaluate your company's branding to assure alignment with your newly updated mission statement and unique value proposition. Update your companies branding if necessary.

  • Map out a brand consistency strategy across all platforms to assure that the look, feel and messaging is the same in all public forums and optimize for conversions. (Website, marketing materials, Social Media etc.)

  • Audit customer support channels to identify areas to improve the user experience to help reinforce your brands identity. 

  • Assure that your support channels clearly reflect and align with the company's mission statement.

  • Develop and formalize a disruptive marketing strategy that aligns with your new or updated unique value proposition, branding and product or service.

  • Complete competitive audit and comparison. Research and analysis to help determine which disciplines and digital marketing strategies will potentially yield the most ROI for your business. 

After all of this has been said and done, your business will be ready to begin deploying the appropriate digital marketing strategies. (See Below) 


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